Duh! Getting ripped off by Flexirent!

When I first took sole control of Decisive Flow, I made the very stupid short term decision to rent computers through Flexirent. At the time I was forking out large sums of money in legal fees to extract my ex-business partner and of course, pay him out, so cashflow was key (like how I justify my stupidity??).

However, several years on and those leases are all expiring.

As I’m automatically transitioned into purchasing the equipment (apparently Flexirent has struggled to get in contact with me about the contracts expiring, though funnily enough their spam mail finds my PO Box just fine)… Ive been frantically calling their call-center to try to find anyone within the company to talk to about NOT buying equipment.

Initially it seems that Flexirent is full of hugely optimistic staff, who believe full-heartedly that despite you specifically saying time and time again you want to end contracts, you still DEEP DOWN want to buy from them, and continue to run off that assumption… However, weeks on, I now realise company policy is to trap you into purchasing.

Anyway, in the meantime, doing my sums on upgrading, I realised that I basically signed up with the devil a finance company that was charging me double for the equipment. That’s actually not their fault, I did know that up front.

So a warning for the un-wise… Be very careful when considering leasing equipment. As consumer.org.nz says… It’s pretty worrying but that’s the deal you sign, so you need to be well aware of what you are getting into. I know most small business owners may be a little too overworked to always thoroughly do research, but I guarantee you will be stoked that your hour of research avoided a great deal of self kicking three years on! Especially if you have a good credit rating and a bit of cash, you are in a great position to access finance at a much lower rate that 27%.

One note though, is several phone calls and emails and a bit of negotiation, you can work out a better deal for yourself… Despite walking away with a mild stench of getting ripped off.

The lessons we/I learn!

3 thoughts on “Duh! Getting ripped off by Flexirent!”

  1. I was talked in to flexirent by a salesperson ,don’t know where my head was at the time as it was the most appalling decision ever ,they are absolutely the worse people to deal with ,no communication ,they do not stick to their side of the agreement and must be making a fortune ripping people off .Do not think about doing any deals with this company EVER.

  2. I got taken for a ride as well! Flexirent r flexing only their fat wallets from
    Ripping off hard working people who thought they signed a sweet deal only to find
    How bitter it really was! So warn family & friends not to be trapped
    By alluring contracts that sounds too good To be true!. Save for what you want or thoroughly
    Read the contract before you sign on the dotted line!. Watch out for harsh penalty fees which they love to collect or add on for no reason?very flexi!. There are a lot of unsatisfied & ripped off flexi customers out there thinking to themselves how did I get trapped into this!?.
    Lets hear from you guys out there!.

  3. We brought a laptop from Harvery Norman priced at $4200.00 were told by putting through business it would cost $3950. approx once you claim gst etc. This was Harvey normans words.
    In fact we were not told the laptop will cost $6200 as our monthy payments were approx $248.00. Not supply the full info. I also asked Flexirent in which they also failed to let me know out much the laptop would be be in full before taking out taxs etc. So basically in our terms of understanding it would cost appro $2000. more on a 24 month plan. I wish that had let me know the full amount instead of side steping

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