Employer or Employee, who to side with?

In the past, and in a lot of countries today, employers are kings and employees really need to be looked out for.

I honestly don’t believe that is the case in New Zealand.

Not only do we have laws that fiercely protect the rights of employees… Laws that ensure employers like me are actually terrified of hiring, firing and communicating with employees, because ONE wrong step and you open up a can of worms… We also have a general employee attitude that the law actually looks after them EVEN MORE than it actually does.

Good employees have no real knowledge of the incidence of bad employees – people with shockingly arrogant, lazy attitudes that lead them to do pretty much nothing all day, consistently let down customers, miss deadlines and perform poorly on the basis that any response from an employer will be met with a threat of legal action. Employees are just people, and despite our attitude that employees are always innocent victims, I think we all know enough PEOPLE, to be aware that we are not always the morally upstanding, hard working, ethical creatures employees are perceived to be.

Yes, I know, if, as an employer, you follow the rules TO THE LETTER, you will probably win a grievance case, but this doesn’t take into account the huge time, emotional and monetary expense of even responding to the case against you. Even if someone has no leg to stand on, the fact that they THINK they do means the risk of ending up in legal proceedings isn’t very low.


I think, in a country like New Zealand, on the whole, ONE THING employees should be expected to do is not slag off their employer in a public space. Not only is this rude… once again, most people have no idea of the potential consequences to the employer.

Seriously, if you don’t like your job and you find your employer repulsive enough to slag them off at every opportunity, STOP blaming everyone else in the world, take some self responsibility and behave like an adult:

  1. Keep your mud slinging to your close circle of friends
  2. FIND ANOTHER JOB (and in a difficult job market, where finding a job isn’t that easy – maybe take a step back and appreciate the organisation that gave YOU one).

A lot of us employers work our butts off to make sure our employees get paid every week, work reasonable hours and when we’re in a particularly foul mood, or they’ve done something particularly dumb, we suck it up and do our absolute best to make sure they still feel valued, while we take on the extra responsibility of the fallout.

I’m not sure if most employees can say they honestly give the same in return and I do think it’s time we shifted this attitude. Even if you are not thankful or grateful to the company that puts money in your pockets from week to week, show them a little respect.

2 thoughts on “Employer or Employee, who to side with?”

  1. Wow! Sounds like a post from personal experience :-(

    If there’s a situation where an employee is speaking negatively about an employer then I doubt that the responsibility would ever fall 100% onto the employee – surely if this situation is even occurring then something must be happening on the employees side as well?

    Anyway, fascinating thoughts again around what constitutes a private/public space when you’re communicating using Facebook!

  2. Ooh actually it was around the whole debacle with someone being fired for posting notes on Facebook … But yes, I’ve seen and heard enough stories to have a strong opinion :)

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