Managing Staff Illness

Yup, it’s a pain in small business when you’re overloaded and everyone gets sick. The business grinds to a halt and you all get behind. Rod Drury’s fairly ‘unique’ solution has a lot of plusses and can be adapted to virtually any small business:

To: All Xero Staff (and Shareholders)

From: Rod

Re: What do do when you’re sick

If you feel like you need to be off work you will require a medical certificate. This will mean a trip to your doctor.

In New Zealand a doctors consultation for 15 minutes will cost you around $49. The same as a whole month of Xero.

As the doctor is completing your prescription, this is a good time to enquire about what accounting system they use. Advanced Xero’s will actually be able to do a live demo right there on the doctors computer.

Medical centres are mainly cash based with most receipts coming through the bank account each day and processing of supplier invoices. Use this information to show you understand their business.

As you’ve paid for the consultation, don’t feel bad about using a few minutes to show the benefits of Xero. It will make you feel a lot better if you can get them to sign up for a free demo.

Accordingly medical certificates will now only be accepted with a matching demo sign up.

Be well.


3 thoughts on “Managing Staff Illness”

  1. It may have some plusses but it’s not very legal, in terms of the rights of workers to take sick leave, eg not having to provide a medical certificate until you’ve been off work for three consecutive days (more in some unionised workplaces), etc… If he’s expecting them to effectively do work while they are at the doctor then perhaps he could not dock their sick leave!

  2. Ha ha, I have met Rod a couple of times and suspect this was a joke. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would try to enforce this, let alone someone like Rod (who is actually quite a nice guy).

    However, on the other hand, it is kind of funny to think that when you go to the doctor, you wind up paying a fortune for 15b minutes, and since you are indeed paying them for their time, why not try to flog your products on them?

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