The best customer feedback EVER.

I’m sure Anna wont mind me just posting her entire email:

Hi Natalie,

this is Anna with ForeSoft.

First of all let me congratulate you on your 1 year anniversary! You are really doing a great job girls!

In support of my words here is our current results after publishing a new version of BUGtrack site.

Our trial conversion rate really increased, as expected, we can’t tell anything about subscriptions yet, but I guess it’s just the matter of time (we think the math won’t let us down and it will increase proportionally to trials order).

Anyway, we’ve really met our expectations despite the mess with the financial crisis and stuff, so I would like to thank you.

Our results:

Order of free trial has ALMOST TRIPLED (capslock was my doing because I’m so excited – Nat)

This is what we’ve got after 1 month of redesign.

Thank you, girls!


2 thoughts on “The best customer feedback EVER.”

  1. Well, yes!!!
    I just could help but let you know what you did, girls)))
    We didnt even expect such a change.

    This is what comprehensive approach means))

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