The Heretic: Surprising, smart and a GREAT read.

Turns out that while I sit wallowing in my anxiety about my life decisions, some of my friends are doing productive things, like writing books.

While I have no shame in admitting that regardless of whether or not this book was utter rubbish, I’d still pitch it to everyone I know… I genuinely found it remarkably good. Surprisingly good.

It’s not that I lack faith in my friends, but it’s not often that you hang out with someone a reasonable amount only to discover that they have amazing hidden talents. I believe this is Luke’s first book, but try as I might, I couldn’t find any evidence to support that fact. Its really well written, a real page turner (or clicker if you have a Kindle) and kept me enthralled right to the last page, when I changed my thoughts to hoping for a sequel.

If you like those thriller, adventure books (or actually even if you dont – this book converted me to the genre), you’ll love this one and for $2.99, you can afford to read it and ask me to eat my words.

All reviews are much appreciated, especially the good ones, and now it’s been entered in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards, you should read it quickly so if it reaches the finals you’ll be ready to cast your vote :) (the books has already gone from the 5,000 entries into the top 1,000)

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